Walk Of Shame [2014]

walk_of_shameToss this ugly-ass crap into the scum bucket, along with the other multiplex garbage (I’m talking to you “The Other Woman“), and see a film that gets it right (I’m talking “The Grand Budapest Hotel“). Elizabeth Banks adds a career crushing notch to her career by playing a news reporter who finds herself without a car, money, ID or phone, following a one night stand with a stranger (James Marsden). You don’t need to know more. Just stay away. It’s awful.


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  1. But…but…the other women has Kate Upton in it! and you have to admit that alone is awesome!

  2. Oh, shut up! You can’t compare the movie to “The Grand Budapest”. Telling us to go watch Wes Anderson’s film instead means you’re in fact comparing the films. Grow up and learn to enjoy pop-corn comedy flicks. Not every movie made is supposed to be Oscar worthy.

      • The Heat, The Internship, 21 Jump Street, Ted…to name a few. It’s a matter of personal taste. We dont have to agree. No need to act like a douche.

      • I personally found the movie very interesting. It kept me seated the whole time, and for someone who has ADD symptoms, that’s semi miraculous. The plot was well constructed and the characters were diverse… I’d have to disagree, it’s a good movie.

  3. And no need to trash this movie that way. Try to be professional by talking about how it didn’t work, or don’t review it at all.

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