The Hunt [2013] ★★★½

THE-HUNT-POSTERA powerful and thought provoking drama is rare during summer season. That’s what makes “The Hunt” so special, and I hope moviegoers will find their way to see it. It’s one of the year’s best films. Danish writer-director Thomas Vinterberg aims to shock his audience by telling the story of a divorced schoolteacher (Mads Mikkelsen, Le Chiffre from “Casino Royale”)  who works at a neighborhood kindergarten. One of the kids, a 5 year old girl who also happens to be his best friend’s daughter, gets angry with him one day and immediately  tells the supervisor that he “touched” her in an inappropriate way. She is shocked. And so are we, because we (the audience) know for certain that he is innocent. That’s the hook that will lead you into “The Hunt”, a devastating drama that grabs you hard and won’t let go. It’s left for us to respond to the consequences, mostly because they’re real people with real problems. And the consequences felt so vividly real and intense, that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for two hours. I’ll say no more, except that “The Hunt” is an exceptional movie, superbly acted by Mads Mikkelsen and not to be missed.

Rating: 3.5/4

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  1. I saw it last year during the Cannes Film Festival. It’s well done, but I think it lacks a bit of “shock”.
    (Sorry if my english is not very good… I hope you understand what I would mean) :-/

  2. but why did someone try to shoot him at the end? Is it just in metaphoric sense or are they trying to tell us he really is guilty?

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