The Twenty-First Century

Red 2 [2013]

RED2-Poster-950It could have been worse. I mean just look at the ridiculous trailer. But there’s plenty of energy in “Red 2” to hook you up for almost 2 hours. Just shut your brain and go with the illogic. Bruce Willis and John Malkovich still have the juice and they give us rooting interest. Willis is now retired and living happily ever after with his wife (Mary Louise Parker from “Weeds”). That is until his old pal Malkovich tracks him down and things go Kaboom from that moment on. The rest of the cast includes the always elegant Helen Mirren as Victoria, the cool killer who treats her profession like a hobby; Brian Cox, Catherine Zeta-Jones as a soviet agent and Anthony Hopkins as a nutty scientist. This sequel offers a lot of well staged action scenes, the unquestionable highlight being a man to man fight between Willis and Han, a professional assassin hired to kill our hero. The movie’s weakness however is that it doesn’t know when to quit. The film loses points for that, but it’s still an entertaining, fast paced action movie that will definitely satisfy fans of the genre. I don’t think you’ll find any subtext or layers of meaning in “Red 2”, but I do think you’ll have a good time watching it as I did. Just be ready for a long sit.

Rating: 2.5/4

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