Star Trek: Into Darkness [2013] ★★★½

STID_OneSheet_Fri_lxr12cOSVflESummer season is officially on with “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, a spectacular follow up to the 2009 movie starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and directed by J.J Abrams.  I couldn’t be more surprised. After six TV series and 10 movies, the franchise has been milked so hard, it’s a wonder the idea hasn’t dried out and disintegrated. The ending in “Into Darkness” isn’t deeply satisfying. But the movie, especially in its second act kicks ass so hard and often that it’s impossible not to be thrilled by it. For starters, the look of the film is an enveloping amazement, with director J.J Abrams using 3D for a good cause. He gives us a world to get lost in. Then there’s the actors. Chris Pine radiates star quality as Kirk, the bad boy who morphed into captain material in the previous movie and is still the best thing about this sequel. And major props to Zachary Quinto for doing a tremendous job as Spock (Leonard Nimoy himself would be proud). His sharp, intuitive performance as the Vulcan fighting his human emotions gives the film a soul. But I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s a plot, and it involves Spock and Kirk going after one John Harrison, (played by a menacing Benedict Cumberbatch) following a major terrorist attack in London. But to make things interesting, I will banish spoilers from this review. What you need to know however is that the script is by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (they did “Transformers”, but let’s not go into that), and damned if I know what they’re talking about at times. Know what? You won’t care. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” creates an alternate universe with skill and an incredible eye for details. It’s an irresistible invitation for fun and a perfect summer movie to get lost in. And it’s J.J, playing it old-school, who has us looking forward to the next Star Wars movie, when he will be leading the likes of Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in a brand new adventure. Hello adrenaline rush.

Rating: 3.5/4

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