Life Of Pi [2012] ★★★½

life_of_piThis visually stunning film deserves all the praise it’s been receiving. And we owe it all to director Ang Lee and his wonderful imagination. Everything about it is outstanding, especially when you consider that it is based on a book many considered unfilmable. So what’s it about? Actually, it’s about many things, but first and foremost it is about a journey, so it is only normal that the hero of the story narrates his own story. Lee chose the inexperienced Suraj Sharma to play Pi, who gives a fine, fearless performance. Pi’s journey is dangerous, from the moment his zookeeper parents (Adil Hussain and Tabu) decide to leave India, and board a ship to Canada to start a new life. Pi, who claims to be Hindu, Christian and Muslim, finds his faith tested when the ship goes down drowning everyone but Pi, a zebra, an orangutan, a deadly hyena and a tiger named Richard Parker. Intrigued? How could you not be? The movie looks amazing. And for two hours, storytelling and special effects bond like lovers. You get a rush like Hollywood has discovered a brave new world. The technical wizardry sweeps you away. Better yet, the story asks the viewer to take a leap of faith, and then offers constant surprises, turning from humor to sadness to a sense of wonder in the blink of an eye. What Lee does is simply extraordinary. His masterful direction fuses ferocity and feeling and creates a world you want to get lost in. “Life of Pi” will take your breath away. Oscar or not, this is the real deal. No cheating.

Rating: 3.5/4

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