The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 [2012] ★★

breaking-dawn-part-2-poster-international-600x888“Breaking Dawn part 2” is being presold as the best “Twilight” movie of the series. Faint praise, indeed. And also misleading. The first movie, released in 2008, is still the most bearable because director Catherine Hardwicke dove into the adolescent angst of Stephenie Meyer’s novel without an ounce of condescension. “New Moon” on the other hand directed by Chris Weitz, took the camp approach. And “Eclipse”, directed by David Slade was pretty lousy. Not to mention “Breaking Dawn Part 1” which was bad beyond belief (I don’t get it either). That said, “Part 2” is not half bad. Actually, and if you compare it to its predecessor, it’s a masterpiece. It helps that Bella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) is now a full vampire and doesn’t have to choose anymore between bloodsucker Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) or wolfman Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner, as dreadful as always). It also helps that Michael Sheen gets more screen time as vamp chief Aro, leading legions of Volturi. Sheen is deliciously menacing and steals every scene he appears in. Plus there’s finally some action in this last installment, made especially laughable by lousy special effects. The digital wolves look seriously fake (what’s up with that?). I suppose the filmmakers felt that only the faithful will bother to see it, but that’s no excuse for the cheesy makeup and effects. With that aside, the movie still has its moments especially as it reaches its climax. But overall I wouldn’t call it a great cinematic achievement. Faithful fans of the series won’t give a damn about this review and I am aware of that. But let’s face it: ever since “True Blood” came out, “Twilight” seems even more sexless and toothless. I still prefer my undead with a little life in them. Don’t you?

Rating: 2/4

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