Magic Mike [2012] ★★

All the women in the world are lining up to see “Magic Mike”. Why? Because it stars Channing Tatum (yep that dude from “Dear John and “The Vow”) as a stripper. Sounds like the  movie event of the year no? Not really. Stripping aside, the plot couldn’t be more predictable. The problem lies not entirely with the actors, but with a script that doesn’t have enough material to fill in a 20 minute short, let alone a two hour feature film. The story focuses on Mike (Tatum), who strips in order to create building blocks for a better life. He and his fellow naked dudes, including Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer and Kevin Nash, take a new kid (a dreadful Alex Pettyfer) under their wings and teach him the “art” of stripping. The good news here is that the first 30 minutes of the film are actually fun, with Matthew McConaughey stealing scenes as Dallas, the Club’s owner. But from then on, it’s just cliche after cliche. One of those cheesy moments feature Pettyfer’s older sister who’s concerned when he falls under the influence of these men and starts stripping. But then she meets Tatum. Can you guess what happens next? Course you do. It’s a damn shame that good actors like McConaughey are wasted here. As for Tatum, acting is not one of his gifts, so the movie opens and ends with him going shirtless. Zoiks!

Rating: 2/4

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