Ted [2012] ★★★

Sometimes a comedy movie just clicks. Welcome to one of those times. “Ted”, from director Seth MacFarlane (the wacky dude  behind TV’s “Family Guy”) fires off big, fat, raucous laughs as if it had an endless supply. It doesn’t. The film limps a bit in the final stretch and doesn’t know when to quit. A small price to pay for so much hot, rowdy fun. At first glance, the plot screams crass sitcom: Mark Wahlberg  owns a Toy bear that has been living with him ever since he was a small boy. The bear walks, talks, smokes pot, brings hooker home and doesn’t care about consequences. I couldn’t help laughing. The audience at the screening I attended (though the hypocrites might deny it) laughed too. Funny? “Ted” rocks the house with funny. What else to know? That MacFarlane (spell it, say it, learn it) provides the voice of Ted. And using the latest in motion-captures techniques, he does his moves as well. It also helps that the movie is unapologetically R-rated — nasty as hell and unafraid to go beyond the limits of what is considered “the new vulgarity”. In one brilliant scene,  Wahlberg tries to guess the name of the white-trash girl Ted wants to marry. Ok you have to be there to know exactly what I’m talking about, but prepare to laugh like a damn fool. In a way, it’s that anything-goes sass that crashes “Ted” into the level of comic nirvana.  Of course it ain’t art, but as far as comedy movies go, it doesn’t get any better than this. MacFarlane is truly a rockstar of comedy. And I would love to see more of him. The sooner the better.

Rating: 3/4

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  1. Maybe I would watch it. But couldn’t get Jack McFarland from my head while reading. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have read that right after overdosing on will and grace.

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