ATM [2012] ★½

Three people find themselves trapped in an ATM building, while a hooded killer stands outside, messing with them. That’s the premise of this truly dreadful movie, which has enough ideas to fill out a 20 minute short. Unfortunately, “ATM” runs 90 minutes, and as it ambles along you can feel the life draining from it. The movie must have sounded like a swell idea when it was spitballed by David Brooks and Chris Sparling. The result however makes no sense whatsoever, so the film’s only value is an exercise, and on that level it fails miserably. Might have been bearable if we hadn’t seen it all a hundred times before. But why bother with a fresh script right?  In case you really think  there’s something to gain from watching this one, good luck!

Rating: 1.5/4

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