The Twenty-First Century

Ghost Rider 2: Spirit Of Vengeance [2012]

Beware! The 21st century has officially become a no-fly zone for good movies. Say “Crap” while I call out recent Nicolas Cage screw-ups: “The Wicker Man”, “Next”, “Ghost Rider”, “Bangkok Dangerous”, “Season of the Witch”, “Drive Angry”, “Seeking Justice” and “Trespass” (what a list!). But that’s not all. The Nic Cage epidemic continues with the totally unnecessary sequel to the equally awful “Ghost Rider”. Doesn’t sound promising at all. And as expected, it ends in disaster. I read somewhere that part 2 makes the first one look really good. In a way, that’s true, especially if you factor Eva Mendez in the equation (who doesn’t appear in this sequel). Here, we meet Johnny Blaze (Cage), years after the events of the first movie. Right from the beginning, we learn that the Devil (played by Ciaran Hinds) convinced some random woman, Nadya,  to conceive his child. Now thirteen years later, the Devil is back, employing the services of a small arms dealer to bring him his “son” back in order to effect his Second Coming. Or something like that. Now it’s up to Johnny Blaze and his Ghost Rider alter ego to save the boy from the hands of evil. What a bore-fest. Cage, who sleepwalked through the first movie, does it again here. I mean if the first one was really bad, did you really think that things would get better in the sequel? Director Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (yes it took two directors to come up with this!!), guilty of inflicting “Crank: High Voltage”, “Gamer” and “Jonah Hex” on us,  keeps the incompetence coming with incontinent glee. And in case you do pay up for this joke disguised as a movie, make sure you see which melts first, your brain or Nic Cage’s face.


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