The Twenty-First Century

Gone [2012]

After starring in the God-awful “Red Riding Hood”, Amanda Seyfried moved on to fresher fields. Lol. Not really. I’d like to extoll the virtues of a great thriller, but “Gone” isn’t it. Instead, it comes off as an incredibly dull movie that offers absolutely nothing new to table. Seyfried plays Jill, a supposed survivor of a twisted abduction and murder attempt by a serial killer no one believes exists. Not even the damn detectives (more the reason why they’re so useless in movies). Her only friend is her sister Molly (a terrible Emily Wickersham) who now lives with her. One night, Jill comes home after working a night shift as a waitress, only to find Molly gone (hence the clever title of the movie). Is this yet another hallucination (according to the police) or was she really abducted by the same predator, now seeking revenge?  Who’s a girl to trust? Not the screenwriter, that’s for sure. Allison Burnett contributes dialogue that works like torture on the ears. I too, felt my head would explode if I had to endure another minute of this blather from Seyfried and the rest of the lousy cast. Even “Captain America’s” Sebastian Stan can’t liven up this ridiculous hogwash. Allison Burnett’s script and Heitor Dhalia direction are lumbering from the word go. If the producers were hoping for some Hitchcock type of thrills, I’d say they came up empty-handed. This is pretty dreary stuff. But look at the number of people who rushed to see it on opening weekend. The only one screaming for mercy will be you.


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  1. Okay so when i watched the movie i really liked it !! But you actually just convinced me and changed my mind

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