The Twenty-First Century

Horrible Bosses [2011]

Funny. Funnier. And more fun. That’s “Horrible Bosses” in a nutshell.  But it’s also a chance for Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and Colin Farell (what a list!) to show their true colors as comedians. It works, and it works like a charm. The story involves three horrible bosses (duh!) and the three employees who vow to kill them. What makes the movie so frickin funny is how truly horrible the bosses are, and how terrible those poor employees are at killing. You’ve got Kevin Spacey as a sadist bastard who enjoys torturing his middle manager Nick (Bateman). No actor could have portrayed the role better than Spacey (now you know why the man is such a good actor). The second boss we meet is Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston). Don’t be fooled by the “Dr.”;the woman’s a sex freak. Her target? her dental assistand Dale, who also happens to be engaged. But who cares? She wants him, and she will stop at nothing (think blackmail). The third boss is Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farell), who has taken over his father’s company, and is using it to fund a lifestyle of illegal activities. His employee Kurt watches in disgust, and vows to kill the bastard. This leads us into a bar, in search of a hitman, where our three heroes (it takes balls of steel to come up with such a crazy idea and you know it) meet a man named Motherfucker Jones (yep that’s his name). From then on, the movie keeps coming up with twists and turns, and eventhough the story doesn’t quite stay on track the whole 100 minutes or so, it’s still one hell of a ride. I laughed my ass off watching these silly employees embarass themselves in a series of unfortunate events.

Bateman, Aniston and Farell have great characters to play and are more than perfect for their roles. But when Kevin Spacey appears on screen, the rest just shrink into the background. When he whispers at Nick, “You stupid little runt, I OWN you”, you believe him. He is so horrible, he makes the other bosses look like first grade teachers. That’s how diabolical he is, and once Nick decides to “get rid” of him, you’ll find yourself smiling from ear to ear. Word of advice though: if your boss is anything like Spacey’s character, do not watch this film. We don’t want you getting any weird ideas. Know what I mean?

Rating: 3/4

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      • yiii u had a photo here, now ur all squares, triangles and colors just like me :p and yea i can say this was a really good one, eno we need to laugh 3al habal once in a while :p

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