Insidious [2011] ★★★

Webster dictionary defines Insidious as something harmful but seductive. “Insidious” the movie is exactly that. It will haunt you, it will crush you, it will scare the living daylights out of you, but you will find it hard to resist. I admit: the story is old fashioned, but what the writers managed to do with this traditional ghost story is beyond outsdanding. What we have here is a family of four. The oldest child, Dalton, and after a seemingly minor household accident, slips into a mysterious coma that even medical science cannot explain. When doctors fail to help him, his parents are forced to take him home where he lies in his room completely unresponsive. Special entities are soon haunting the house, or so it seems, but when the family moves to a new home, the haunting…wait for it… continues, hence the tagline: “it’s not the house that’s haunted”. I’ll say no more, except that “Insidious” doesn’t disappoint at all. Call it the dark version of  “Poltergeist”. Creepy atmosphere? Check. Eerie music? Check. Genuine scares? Double check. And so much more. To be completely honest, It’s been a while since I’ve seen a chiller as fresh and terrifying as this one. It’s a fine example of a horror movie done right, and as a long time fan of the genre, I couldn’t ask for more. This is not to say that the film is without flaws. There are some lost opportunities, and towards the end, the carefully crafted eeriness disappears…but only for a moment. The rest is pure genius.

P.S: For a better experience, better watch this one alone.

Rating: 3/4

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  1. gosh! Too much movies to comment on! it will take me days to comment on all these movies since I’ve almost watched them all 😛 but about this one, since am a fan of horror flicks, this movie worked well, until that old wicked lady came in and ruined the whole thing with her theories. I was so disappointed by the second act, and found the shots a little bit tacky. but of course it was better than 90% of today’s horror movies.

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