The Twenty-First Century

Super [2011]

“Super” is a totally different kind of superhero. It’s about an everyday man who decides to start fighting crimes, eventhough he has zero skills or powers. The story takes place in the real world, where of course nobody has done this before. Rainn Wilson (“The Office”) is that guy. He is married to the beautiful sarah (Liv Tyler). He is a loser who is totally satisfied of being a loser. He’s also dumb and clueless. When his wife is literally stolen by a drug lord (Kevin Bacon), he decides to become a superhero. He goes on a quest to hide behind dumpsters and wait for some crime to happen. Equipped with a monkey wrench, he eventually teams up with Libby (Ellen Page), who claims she’s 22 but has the attitude of a 10 year old. This isn’t necesarrily funny, and I mean it. “Super” is a movie that approaches humor, and the first half is hilarious, but when it came down to almost beating a man to death for cutting a line, the dark humor really escalated. When this happened, I asked myself a very important question: why am I rooting for this mentally disturbed man? From this moment on, the movie plunges into violence and blood, which would totally be cool if this was a black comedy. But it isn’t. “Super” is being sold as a pure comedy, but after watching it, I doubt it will play that way. This is a superhero story for the real world, and once you see it, you’ll know exactly what I mean. But is it still worth watching? You bet.

Rating: 2.5/4

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