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Thor [2011]

Summer season is officially on (at least cinematically), and I’m glad to report that the first blockbuster of the year is actually a lot of fun. And eventhough he lacks the profile of Spiderman or even Iron Man, Thor (a.k.a The God of Thunder) is easily one of the best superhero movies since “The Dark Knight”. And unlike “Iron Man 2”, “Thor” has plenty of pedigree: it’s directed by Kenneth Branagh (“Henry V”, “Frankenstein”), and stars Anthony Hopkins (in a role he was born to play), Natalie Portman (yep she’s in it too), and Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth who is fantastic as the mighty God of Thunder. Not only does he meet the physical requirements for the role, but also succeeds in providing a comedic side (which certainly worked for the benefit of the picture). When we first meet him, he’s arrogant, reckless, and very dangerous. But he’s also very brave, which is why we root for him every step of the way. Thor finds himself banished to earth by his father Odin, and stripped of his powers after his arrogance and hasty decision making cause him to declare war against the Frost Giants. On earth, he befriends scientists Jane Foster (Portman), Darcy Lewis, and Eric Selvig. Meanwhile, we learn that his brother Loki has got his eyes set on his father’s throne, and that he might be plotting to get rid of Thor for good. I’ll say no more, except that director Kenneth Branagh has an incredible eye for details. The contrast between the two worlds (Asgard and Earth) is certainly one of the most fascinating things about the movie. With 3D, Asgard is simply beautiful to look at, in particular the bridge that links the two worlds together. Prepare to be blown away, big time.

Visual experience aside, “Thor” is a thrilling and very entertaining comic book adaptation. It’s a dazzling example of a superhero movie done right, and I don’t think anybody could have pulled it off better than Chris Hemsworth in the lead. He’s tough, funny, and extremely talented. The dude was basically an unknown until now, but with “Thor”, this could be his ticket into the big league. The only complaint however is that there’s not enough of him in action (he spends most if his time on earth with no powers at all), but considering this is an origin movie, there is sure to be a lot more in the sequel. Bring on part two!

Rating: 3/4

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    • I agree! I wanted to c more fights to be honest :p but still, its a fine movie. Solid entertainment. Reminds me of the first “Iron Man”.

  1. ouf ive been waiting for this one! and honestly ive been waiting for your review first to see if its worth it…7amastneh ktir hala2:P Comic book movies is one of my fav genre and i hope it will be as gd as Batman and ironman! i’ll give u my thoughts here in the next couple of days!

    • Its a good movie. I think it’s as good as the first Iron Man. And im pretty sure u’ll enjoy it aswell :p Fi captain america and green lantern coming soon aswell. Cant wait!

  2. btw i bought a nice collection original DVDs…jebet apocalypse now redux, the first batman, jurassic park and hotel rwanda…all of them 40$

  3. ouf Thor is one hell of a comic book movie! and just like Ironman when he wasn’t known by too many pple, Thor quickly became one of my fav comic book characters from the first scene of the movie! its really unique and original! loved the soundtrack too and the actor. waiting for the sequel ASAP!

    • Btw theres a scene after the credits. I didnt see it, but someone told me that they advertise the upcoming Captain America. We should try to find this scene on youtube. W akid lezem ykoun fi sequel la Thor. Loved it!

    • And it’s a pretty good movie! I know most of the blockbusters these days are mediocre, but Thor is solid entertainment!

  4. 3.25 hehehe ta ma koun bakhile :p bas i loved it 😀 ma3 eno l 3D ma ktir elo ta3me except of rare places, bas overall it’s nice and we r waiting for Thor – Revenge of the Black Sheep or smthg

    • hehe im glad u liked it! Its a solid movie and it deserves a sequel. Bass I hope they dont ruin it! Iron Man 2 was mediocre compared to the first one.

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