The 50's

Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde [1953]

While not quite in the same league as “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” (possibly the duo’s best movie), “A&C meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (what a long title) is still a fine vehicle for the boys, and shows that they were still in excellent form even after all these years at Universal. Thankfully, the movie offers an added treat by starring legendary horror icon Boris Karloff in the role of Dr. Jekyll (and not Mr. Hyde since it was stuntman Eddie Parker who did every scene as Jekyll’s alter ego). The story takes us to London, where Budd and Lou are inexplicably working for the London police. When they wind up in jail, it’s Dr. Jekyll who bails them out. Little do they know that this “polite” scientist is also Mr. Hyde, the monster who’s been terrorizing the city. Eventually, the boys spend the rest of the movie trying to solve the case in order for them to get back on the force. The comedy of Abbott and Costello this time around relies more on slapstick gags than their trademark routines. No worries, it works perfectly fine. Budd and Lou carry off their roles well, and the romantic subplot here doesn’t seem to intrude as much as in their earlier wartime comedies (“One Night In The Tropics” and “Ride’ Em Cowboy” come to mind). The story flows well and doesn’t waste our time with unecessary details. So basically, this is straighforward stuff, which makes the movie as a comedy a highly effective and successful one. It’s definitely one of their better films of the 50’s. Oh and you gotta love those vintage posters!

Rating: 3/4

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