The 50's

Abbott And Costello Meet The Invisible Man [1951]

So here I am again, drawn into yet another Abbott and Costello movie. After meeting up with Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Wolfman, the boys finally got to hang out with the Invisible man this time around. All of these films were among their best work-solid entertainment and a nice break from the usual formula. Speaking of which, since this movie was made later in their careers, the original formula (which included songs and dance numbers) was abandoned and the film was pure comedy (clever decision). Lou and Budd play recent detective school graduates who just got their first case, and what a case it turned out to be. It’s Tommy Nelson, a famous boxer wrongly accused of murder. The boys’s job is to help him clear his name before it’s too late. How? by using an invisibilty formula developed by a scientist. The boys make Tommy disappear in order to hide him  from the police while they catch the real killer. What I liked the most about this A&C vehicle is how cleverly the material is handled. The boys are in fine form and they are handed some great gags to work with, both verbal and visual. Many have said that their later films weren’t as good or original as their older ones. I beg to differ. Their encounter with The Invisible Man is certainly no disappointment by any means. It’s funny, clever and a solid entry in the series (36 films in total). But perhaps best of all are the special effects; some might look corny today, but many are very ingenious indeed. Good stuff!

Rating: 3/4

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