The Twenty-First Century

The Romantics [2010]


It wouldn’t be fair to call this movie a disappointment, for the simple fact that my expectations weren’t so high to begin with. The story will definitely keep you interested, but there’s nothing here we haven’t seen before plot wise. What we have is a group of old college friends who reunite for a wedding. The maid of honor Laura (Katie Holmes) and the groom Tom (Josh Duhamel) are still not sure that their relationship is over. Throughout the film, we notice that they still have some of that old passion for each other. Bad timing. It seems that Laura has never really forgiven the bride (Anna Paquin in a very unusual role) for what she views as her stealing her boyfriend. The various friends have too much alcohol the night before the wedding, and you can probably figure out the rest. Suffice to say that most of the story takes place during this one night, probably the most important night of their lives.

 The good thing about this terribly uneven film is the fact that it features plenty of talented actors, including Elijah Wood  and Adam Brody (the dude from “O.C” who’s actually not bad at all). Unfortunately, Holmes was the only one who was given a complete character to explore. The rest were just there to fill out the story. We are never given a reason to care about them, and we never do. And perhaps they could have added some comic relief aswell, since most of the story is too dramatic for us to enjoy. Alas, there is no comedy in sight, making “The Romantics” nothing more than a romantic drama (yikes!). First time director Galt Niederhoffer tries to make the most out of her script, and because of that, I wouldn’t call “The Romantics” a complete waste of time. But don’t let the title and the cast trick you into expecting something great.

Rating: 2/4

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