The Lincoln Lawyer [2011] ★★★

Matthew McConaughey is dynamite in this thrilling drama about a cocky and smooth defense attorney Mick Haller who conducts most of his work out of the back seat of his Lincoln car (hence the title of the film). We are told that he used to drive it himself, until he got arrested for drunk driving (given how much he drinks in the film, it’s amazing he still shows up in court on time). Now he has a chauffeur (Laurence Mason) who drives him around to the Los Angeles dealers, hookers, and low lifes who are his clienteles. His specialty is getting these people off, sometimes in a perfectly legal manner. His latest client is somewhat different: a Beverly Hills rich kid called Louis Roulet (perfectly played by Ryan Phillippe) who is being charged with assault on a female escort. He insists that he is innocent, and wants a trial to prove it. Mick senses there is something fishy. And so do we. But let’s not get into details, because as with any crime thriller, the less you know the better. Suffice to say that director Brad Furman has many surprises up his sleeves, making this a thrilling and thoroughly engaging ride. What’s more, he managed to assemble a top-notch ensemble cast who do outstandingly in the various roles they’re given. But for me, it was refreshing to finally see McConaughey in a role he was born to play. And it’s been a while since we’ve seen him in a film that relies upon his acting rather than his physique (seriously enough with those chick flicks man). He gives life to the character he’s playing, and if my calculations are right, this could well be the start of one heck of a franchise. In the words of Peter Travers: “More, please. Soon”. Amen to that brother. “The Lincoln Lawyer” is guaranteed rock solid entertainment, and I sure hope it finds the audience it deserves.

Rating: 3/4

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    • Havent seen the series, but its never easy to compare movies to tv series. I really enjoyed the lincoln lawyer tho!

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