2000 - 2009

Dude, Where’s My Car? [2000]

Painfully unfunny movie about two potheads (Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott) who wake up after a long night of partying and try to put together the events of  the previous evening. The title of the film has become a landmark in today’s pop culture, but I wish I could say the same about the movie itself. How are we supposed to derive any pleasure from it, when the two main characters are a couple of imbeciles?  I usually don’t mind Kutcher’s sense of humour (afterall I’m a huge fan of “That 70’s show”), but his performance in this movie can easily be ranked as one of the worst of all time (if not the worst). So bad, it hurts. Oh and dude? Your movie sucks.

Fun fact: When Ashton Kutcher, first read the script for the film, he almost turned down the role because he found it to be “very stupid.”


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  1. Oh comon. That’s a classic. a classic stupid movie. The movie is nonsense. But its that particular stupidity and senselessness that makes it odd. If you’re willing to watch a stupid movie and not take everything too seriously that’s the one.

    • I do enjoy watching stupid movies every now and then, but the jokes in this movie are lame! Ashton Kutcher is usually way better than this. But I know that the movie has many fans. I like the term u used “Classic stupid” :p haha

  2. DUUUUUDE!!! where’s my car!! come on! ma ba3ref 7ada that doesnt use the dude where’s my car statement bas ndaye3 lsiyara :p it’s pointless, the story 7atta mech zabta bas i meaaan dude!!

    • There’s a more interesting dude called jeff bridges! He’s the dude in The Big Lebowski! Now thats a movie worth watching! Ashton kutcher and sean william scott are just plain dumb. Dude, this movie sucks :p

      • haha i always park in the same spot after i lost my car once :p tho i always have the same dream where i actually cant find my car anywhere. Very annoying dream and I have it at least once a month! Whats up with that?

  3. The Movie is not stupid not even funny is like to see a boy with down desease peen he self ..it makes you feel really thankful you are not that loser ..do they actually get money for that??are all us people that level of retard to expend money to see that..

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