The Twenty-First Century

Taking Woodstock [2009]

In 1969, a young man working at his parent’s motel  and in need of money decides to host the biggest concert in the country: Woodstock. Director Ang Lee did a fine job in recreating the events of that summer, and there’s plenty to enjoy here (beautiful locations, Liev Shreiber in drag, and a very talented Emile Harsh as an ex Vietnam soldier), but unfortunately, it runs out of steam much too early and leaves us wanting more. I guess the problem with this movie is that it focuses more on the young man’s life and doesn’t give us the chance to enjoy the music. But still, “Taking Woodstock” is worth checking out for some wonderful scenes, even if the end result is something of a disappointement.

Fun fact: “The cost of a ticket to attend the Woodstock Music & Art Fair was $18.00 in advance, and $24 for all 3 days.”

 Rating: 2.5/4 

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