The Twenty-First Century

Going The Distance [2010]

What makes this romantic movie worth watching is the chemistry between the two leads (Justin Long and Drew Barrymore). Without chemistry, it could have been a disaster. There’s a lot of vulgarity involved, and the “F” word is used over a hundred times, but all is forgiven, thanks to a very likable cast. “Going The Distance” has a lot to offer; it’s funny, it’s sad and most of all: it’s romantic. I’ve never seen Justin Long in a movie like this before, and I can honestly say that I was impressed.

On a negative note, I really wish the second half was as good as the first; one loses interest in the story after the hour mark, and the ending seemed a bit rushed. Some might disagree with me, but overall, I still think it’s an enjoyable movie. See for yourself!

 Rating: 2.5/4

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  1. I am loving your reviews man , last night I was bored so I checked your blog and went to watch one of the movies you did a review on 😀 and it turned out to be good Keep it up !

    • haha well lets face it, Im not sure any new movie deserves a 4/4, but if u check some of the old movies on the blog, u’ll notice that some of them are rated 4/4 (The 3rd man, North By northwest…). And yes Hachiko is such a sweet movie!

    • I loved the painted veil. I haven’t seen it a very long time but im pretty sure that when I saw it I instantly gave it a 3.5. It’s not for every taste, but I still hope u enjoy it :p

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