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Life Itself [2014]

Everything you need to know about Roger Ebert, the legendary film critic who passed away in 2013, is in Steve James’ fantastic documentary. Cancer destroyed Ebert’s body and robbed him of his voice, but he kept reviewing films on his blog till the day he died. In his […]

Boyhood [2014]

Artistic ambition can be a bitch for filmmakers. Stanley Kubrick was initially slammed in 1968 for aiming so high with “2001: A Space Odyssey”, now considered a classic. Lucky for him, and us, writer/director Richard Linklater (the genius behind the “Before Sunrise” trilogy) follows his own rigorous path. Whatever […]

Seven Chances [1925]

Slapstick comedy at its best. Legendary silent movie star Buster Keaton plays a man who will inherit a fortune ($ 7 million to be specific)… if he’s married by 7:00 that evening! Delightfully winning, beautifully shot silent comedy mixes slapstick and verbal jokes in a winning combination. If […]

X-Men: Days Of Future Past [2014]

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” is everything a comic book movie could hope to be: smart, original, exciting and funny. It is vastly superior to all the previous installments, and not just because it draws on one of the most admired stories in the series. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg […]

The Past [2013]

Writer/Director Asghar Farhadi made a strong impression with his Oscar winning feature “A Separation” a couple of years ago.  His latest movie, “The Past”, isn’t an Oscar contender this year but that’s no reason for you to skip it. Much like his previous film, “The Past” dramatizes a […]

Dallas Buyers Club [2013]

After years of watching Matthew McConaughey waste his talent on mediocre movies (“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”? Really?), it’s a pleasure to finally see him sink his teeth into a challenging role. In “Dallas Buyers Club”, he plays Ron Woodroof, the homophobic man who gets diagnosed with HIV and […]

Her [2013]

Yes, this is the movie where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a machine. No, this is not a movie you should rush to avoid. Screenwriting this smart, inventive and passionate is a rare species these days. So all praise to Spike Jonze, who wrote and directed his […]

Blue Jasmine [2013]

Woody Allen has had his ups and downs over the years (“Anything Else” was awful for instance), but “Blue Jasmine” is one of his best movies in years. As usual he has assembled an impressive cast and given them interesting roles to play. It’s a treat to watch […]