127 Hours [2010] ★★★½

James Franco is incredible in this true story of a mountain climber who finds himself fighting for his life when a fallen rock crashes on his arm and traps him in an isolated canyon in Utah. Over the next 6 days, he examines his life by recalling friends, lovers, family and the two hikers he met before his horrible accident. With no one coming to his aid, he must decide whether he will die or fight for survival. “127 Hours” is not just a film, but an experience as well; watching Franco bare his soul on screen was one of the most unique movie going experiences I’ve had in quite a while. Director Danny Boyle makes damn sure we get inside his head and wonder what we would do if placed in a similar situation. We are really with him through his journey, as we see him discover a reason to live through his fantasies and moments of reflection. But what I loved the most about the film is how it manages to stay optimistic, even in moments of frustration and angst. The man never loses hope, even when placed in a situation where he must decide whether or not he should amputate his arm. Those scenes were especially gut wrenching, but it all works for the benefit of the movie, and we owe it all to Boyle and his “Slumdog Millionaire” Crew. I’ve never seen James Franco take on a such daring role before, but his performance was really phenomenal.

“127 Hours” is truly an inspiring  story that signifies the power of the human spirit, perseverance and most of all courage. It is quite simply unforgettable.

Rating: 3.5/4

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  1. la2 im really fed up with ur blog kel mara btotla3e be film ive been waiting and waiting ages for w bsir natra lavant premiere:p, unfair walla unfair, remember the less fortunate ppl wlo 😦

    • hehe but look at the bright side: after reading my review, you’ll go in there with even higher expectations :p haha but yea do not miss this one!

      • well to be honest awal ma shefet its ad i read what happens ma ken fiye ontor:p bas yea it’s a really gd one, la march ta yenzal :p

      • plus its a true story. So it works really well on an emotional level. I bet ur gonna love it!

  2. i just watched it yesterday and i can say that its a gr8 movie! James Franco was exceptional! All the time i felt every pain and emotion he was going through it was very captivating! Well done!

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