Category: animation

The Peanuts Movie [2015] ★★★

After years of waiting, it’s a pleasure to finally sink into “The peanuts Movie”, the latest animated movie from Blue Sky Studios that radiates charm like no other film of its genre. The classic characters that Charles M. Shulz created for his series of  “Charlie Brown” stories have an irresitible appeal […]

The Little Prince [2015] ★★★

 A book that many people considered unfilmable has inspired one of the year’s most riveting and rewarding movies. I don’t like using hype words, but I found “The Little Prince” truly magical and completely immersive. Rather than observing the story from a distance we’re made to feel part of its […]

Inside Out [2015] ★★★½

Far too many contemporary animated movies are like fast food, easily digested and just easily forgotten. Then there’s the folks at Pixar, who never fail to impress me. Their latest feature, “Inside Out”, is an amazing achievement, for a variety of reasons. It’s a breathtaking ride into the realm of pure […]

Minions [2015] ★★★

 It’s difficult to talk about “Despicable Me” without mentioning the Minions. Family audiences have turned these unusual characters into a certified smash. I’m not surprised. Five years have turned the first two “Despicable Me” movies into a DVD babysitter for kids. Eventually, the Minions had to get their […]

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet [2015] ★★½

 Khalil Gibran’s timeless masterpiece is among the most popular poetry books ever written, selling over 100 million copies in forty languages since its publication in 1923. And when people talk about it with affection and even passion, one could always hope that a screen adaptation can find some way to replicate those […]

Big Hero 6 [2014] ★★★

Talk all you want about technique, but a good animated film depends on story and character, and it’s those vital ingredients that make “Big Hero 6” so fresh and entertaining. It’s also a pleasure to see a movie meant for kids that’s clever but not too reliant on […]

Rio 2 [2014] ★★

The first “Rio” was a huge hit and one of my favorite animated movies of 2011. But even animation isn’t immune to the greed that drives Hollywood studios nowadays. That’s how an imaginative feature has managed to spawn a pointless sequel. The first film had everything going for […]