The Father [2020] ★★★½

Led by a phenomenal performance by Anthony Hopkins, “The Father” is a worthy Oscar contender and one of the finest films of the 2020. I cannot remember the last time a movie held me spellbound from start to finish, but then again, not many movies feature great performances all around. We didn’t need more proof of his talent, but Hopkins soars to greatness here, playing an 80 year-old father who suffers from dementia. His daughter (wonderfully played by Olivia Coleman) is trying to take care of him, but he keeps refusing any form of assistance. It’s a harrowing portrait of aging, and Hopkins’ brilliant acting allows us to vicariously experience what his character is going through, every step of the way. It can be too much at times, I have to admit, but the purpose of the film is to emotionally drain us, and to say that it succeeds with flying colors would truly be an understatement. In terms of writing, acting and directing, “The Father” is a terrific movie. My advice is to sit back and let it engulf you. You won’t soon forget it.

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