Coffee & Kareem [2020] ★

Netflix’s “Coffee & Kareem” is only 88 minutes long (including the credits). So why on earth does it feel like an endurance test? It has none of the qualities of a decent comedy, and it’s a long way from Ed Helms’ “The Hangover”. He plays a police officer who teams up with the loudest kid you’ll ever meet (seriously, what the fuck was that) to take down Detroit’s most dangerous drug kingpin (don’t ask). Among the movie’s main problems is the fact that Helms’ character is more pathetic than amusing, and I’ve never seen a kid as annoying as Kareem. The result is…well…a recipe for disaster. This dreary, uninspired comedy (if you can call it that) gives Netflix’s movies a bad name. On the bright side, I hope I never have to see these characters ever again. “Coffee & Kareem” is the worst comedy I’ve seen so far this year. You have been warned.

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