Midsommar [2019] ★★★½

If there’s one movie that you need to experience this summer, “Midsommar” would be it. This stunning, almost dream-like movie from visionary filmmaker Ari Aster is the year’s most disturbing film. If you’ve seen Aster’s work in last year’s “Hereditary”, you know he’s a director who means business. In “Midsommar”, a film that prides itself for the distance it keeps from the Hollywood formula, Aster takes us all the way to a remote Swedish village, where a midsummer festival takes place. Dani (Florence Pugh, terrific) and her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) travel with their friends from America to attend this festival. Then stuff happen. That’s all I’m going to say about the story, the better to let you get lost in its dark poetry and intriguing mystery. But get this: your head will spin. Once again, Aster has created a palpable sense of unease throughout his breathtaking film. At 140 minutes, his movie dares to take its time, and keeps coming at you, before it leaves you completely devastated. Will it please an audience seeking something straightforward? That’s debatable. But one thing’s for sure: “Midsommar” is unique and unforgettable. It’s one of the year’s best films.

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