Halloween [2018] ★★★

First some background: the original 1978 “Halloween” movie is highly regarded as a classic in the horror genre. So much in fact that it was followed by 7 sequels and a reboot in 2007 (which in turn had a sequel as well). Most of these films were mediocre at best, which brings me to “Halloween 2018”, or “Halloween 11”, or simply “Halloween”. Confused? I don’t blame you. To make a long story short: the people behind the new film disregarded all the sequels and set the story exactly 40 years after the events of the first film. Which means Laurie Strode is once again played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and her brother Michael Myers is back to haunt her after all these years. And what a comeback. From the pulse-pounding opening sequence where we meet a much older Michael again, to an incredibly chilling climax, this new “Halloween” movie will make any fan of the original jump for joy. Add to it John Carpenter’s iconic music and you’ve got a modern classic in the making. What makes this film work so much is the fact that it stays faithful to the original by delivering some old-fashioned thrills. But wait a minute. Does this mean “Halloween Resurrection” never happened? You bet. And what about “The Curse of Michael Myers”? These sequels don’t exist in this timeline anymore, and it’s probably for the best. So if you’re a newbie, I suggest you get the 1978 original, then follow it up with this one. It took 40 years, but they finally got a sequel right.

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