Bad Movies I Enjoy Watching

We all have one of those. Maybe more. Some might call them “guilty pleasures”, but they’re pretty bad as far as I’m concerned. But the kind of bad that I enjoy revisiting every now and then. Feel free to share your list of “Bad movies you enjoy watching”!



Mortal Kombat (1995)
It’s bad. Don’t give me that look. It’s bad. The characters are underwritten, the story makes no sense whatsoever, and it was clear that the movie was rushed to theaters at a time when the video game was still very popular. Know what? Don’t care. I absolutely love this movie. I watched it at a packed theater in 1995 (everyone was clapping and cheering as soon as it opened), and I still enjoy revisiting it every now and then. Is it the nostalgia factor? Perhaps. But there’s no denying that seeing all these video game characters on the big screen was a fun experience at the time. Never mind that critics hated it. And let’s not mention its horrific sequel (the kind I would never watch again), “Mortal Kombat” is one of my favorite “bad” movies of all time.



Batman and Robin (1997)
In a post-“Dark Knight” world, any Batman film might seem disappointing (hence why DC is struggling at the moment). While “Batman Forever” left a lot to be desired, “Batman and Robin” was complete rubbish, casting Arnold Schwarzenegger as the hilariously bad “Mr. Freeze” and turning our hero into a laughing stock (who can forget the nipple suit?). It was so bad, even George Clooney apologized to fans and suggested a refund. But as the years went by, this film gained a cult following, and fans would occasionally revisit it. As a critic, the movie sucked balls. But do I enjoy watching it? You bet. I guess you could say this film is so bad, it’s actually good.



Scream 3 (2000)
I loved slashers film in the 90’s. I still love slasher films. Quite often they’re pretty bad, but also fun to watch around Halloween season. So why “Scream 3”? Well, probably because it was the weakest of the original three. It was obvious by the time this movie hit theaters that the series was running out of steam. So naturally, critics bashed it. But 13-year old me had a different opinion. I couldn’t stop talking about it. Having revisited it many times since then, there’s no denying that the film is “bad”, but I still find myself enjoying it every single time. Again, is it the nostalgia factor? I guess so. But that’s why this list is personal and people might have a different opinion.


The Room (2003)
I admit: it took me years to actually take the risk and watch “the worst movie of all time” according to many people. And I also admit that it takes a bit of time to warm up to it. But once you do, this is one of the funniest bad films you’ll ever see. Hailed as the worst director ever (see “The Disaster Artist” if you haven’t yet), Tommy Wiseau funded the entire project because he loved movies and wanted to make his very own “masterpiece”. Indeed, it was a unforgettable, but for all the wrong reasons. I’ve seen this film with an audience twice, and it’s still a fun experience every single time.



Bride of the Monster (1955)
Before Tommy Wiseau, there was Ed Wood, and if you’re watching an Ed Wood movie it means you have a death wish. Wood was indeed the worst director of his generation (probably of all time), and his films gained a cult following over the years, notably “Plan 9 from Outer Space”, a film quite often hailed as being the worst of all time. But if I had to choose one bad movie from the Ed Wood library, I’d go with “Bride of the Monster”. Being a sucker for corny 50’s sci-fi films, I understand Wood’s vision when it came to this film. But a low budget, terrible writing and directing made it almost unbearable to watch at the time. That being said, I enjoy it a lot. I find myself laughing through the whole thing every single time, and who can forget the legendary Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist trying to use nuclear energy to transform people into…superhuman beings. Great stuff, great poster.



Kung Pow! Enter the fist (2002)
A movie that mixes new scenes with hilariously poor dubbed footage from an old martial art film? Count me in. “Kung Pow!” sounded like a tribute to classic Kung Fu films at the time, but it’s actually a spoof, a one-joke spoof for sure, but the kind that gets better and better every time you watch it. Writer, director, and star Steve Oedekerk plays “the chosen one”, a warrior who wants revenge from “Master Pain” (you can call him Betty), the man who murdered his parents. Nothing makes sense here, but you’ll laugh yourself silly and tell all your friends about it. It’s a classic!

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