Central Intelligence [2016] ★★½

 central-intelligence-movie-2016-posterIt’s a Hollywood summer tradition: a silly comedy starring two likable actors. We’ve seen it in “The Heat”, “Spy” and “The Other Guys”. In Central Intelligence’s case, they are a good reason to buy a ticket, and they go by the name of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. In a prologue set 20 years ago, we meet Johnson, a fat kid constantly bullied in highschool. Then there’s Hart, who was voted most likely to succeed by his teachers. Fast forward to 2016 and everything has changed: Johnson is now a CIA agent while Hart is an accountant for a company he can’t stand. Of course, the two will eventually meet again. Of course, they will bond. Of course director Rawson Marshall Thurber will throw in every cliché in the cop comedy book. Know that? It works, at least for a while, before the plot gets tired after the hour mark. What does constantly work is the funny interplay between the two stars. In a tired genre, these two miraculously make you root for them. Guaranteed.

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  1. This movie was funny and with unexpected moments, that made me surprise, for example, Dwayne Johnson – really funny and so into role so as Kevin Hart. Movie could make interest even in people who don’t like shooting movies, just like me. Movie creators did something amazing – they made unusual role for Dwayne Johnson.

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