Ghostbusters [2016] ★★

GhostbustersHow you react to this remake will have a lot to do with your expectations. If you’re expecting something as memorable as the 1984 original starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykyord, Rick Moranis, Ernie Hudson and the late Harold Ramis, you will probably come away disappointed. I approached it with no particular expectations and took nothing home with me except more admiration for Melissa McCarthy’s comedic talents. That’s not to say that the movie is terrible; it has some funny moments and its visual effects are first-rate (especially in 3D). But in an era of cash-in sequels and reboots, I can’t think of any reason why this film should exist. Of the plot, I can only tell you that Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are the new Ghosbusters and they’re about to face a deadly ghost invasion on Manhattan unless they put a stop to it. Joining them in their endeavor is Chris Hemsworth, whose role as a moronic sidekick is an insult to everything he has done in the past. In many ways, Melissa McCarthy has the most interesting part in the movie, and she is the reason why the movie isn’t a complete waste of time. Is it enough for me to recommend it? No. Let me put it this way: the new “Ghostbusters” is certainly watchable, like its leading ladies…but when it ended, it made me long for the old films instead of this generic product.

Rating: 2/4

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  1. Well then… I guess we have Star Trek Beyond and Jason Bourne for the next few weeks. I hope you don’t watch Alice through the Pooping Glass next week just for your sake because I care about your time. I haven’t seen it nor will I ever see; the first one was garbage!

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