Warcraft [2016] ★½

warcraft_ver8_xlg“Warcraft” is one of the most famous video games in the world. In Hollywood, this means business, and plenty of it. But if history has taught us anything it’s that movies based on video games rarely work. “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, “Doom”, “Resident Evil”, “Hitman”, “Max Payne”, “House of the Dead”, “Street Fighter”. Hell I could go on. Sadly, “Warcraft” is no exception. Despite its solid credentials (including Duncan Jones, who directed one of my favorite science-fiction movies “Moon”), the movie is a mess from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if you hire a talented director or have a big budget to spend (both seem tempting by the way) if your plot is so damn incoherent. So here’s what you should know: To flee their dying home, orc warriors decide to colonize another world. This will eventually cause a war with the people of Azeroth and…oh what’s the use? If you’re a fan of the game, you might find something to enjoy here. But this is still a missed opportunity in my opinion. I hate to say this but director Duncan Jones shows no flair for blending action and character. As a result, the movie is just sound and fury signifying nothing. Jones and the world of Warcraft deserve more. And so do we.

Rating: 1.5/4

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  1. Well…that was sad to hear. Then again, I’m not shocked at all because the trailers were not impressive to me. Assassin’s Creed will be much better for sure. Looks like I’m watching it online rather than spending my money on it. I just saw The Nice Guys on the other hand today, and it is great. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts.

  2. Let me ask you this: Is the CGI any good? The trailers were presenting the film with CGI overload and I feel like if I watched it, it wouldn’t feel real, and it would like a cartoon more than anything else.

  3. I regularly follow your blog Anis and usually do agree with your reviews. This is coming from someone who only played played Warcraft for Dota back in the days. Anyways, I watched Warcraft today, and I have to disagree with your review, despite some odd editing choices, I thought the movie was refreshing from typical Hollywood blockbusters, as I could feel the passion and heart behind it from Duncan, it clenched my interest and let me care for some characters, the CGI and visuals was astounding and really let me feel that the orcs were real. In the end Warcraft left me wanting more and hoping for a sequel. I don’t think Critics are really spot on with Warcraft, since many people I know seem to love it, as I have.

    • Hey Joey thank you for following the blog on a regular basis. Also, imagine how boring things would be if we always agree haha. I’m always up for a discussion especially when we have a different opinion about a movie. I do not consider myself a critic when it comes to movies based on video games. Mortal Kombat is a guilty pleasure for instance. That being said, I honestly did not care for Warcraft. I thought it was all over the place and it gave me no reason to cheer for anyone.

  4. The Batman v. Superman effect of fans making a decision for themselves. Thank God, only difference is that there are no dumb DC/Marvel fanboy warfare that has been irritating me and fans who appreciate others that agree or disagree with the movie.

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