The Trust [2016] ★

 STdiAVlY1wn97H1jXVGVParGShUrZev4DrOgPTZ5ZsANicolas Cage strikes again in one of the year’s worst movies, playing a police officer who learns of a vault with a large amount of money. Along with his partner (a washed up Elijah Wood who desperately needs to find a better agent), he decides to investigate more in order to break into it. If there’s a point to this unpleasant, dull heist film, it’s that Nicolas Cage will never make a decent movie ever again. But you knew that already. Do not waste your time on this turd.


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  1. Hi Anis. Why did you watch this? I do recommend Midnight Special. That’s a really good movie that challenges the audience with questions and filled with originality on the Sci-Fi genre.

      • It’s one of those movies that really had me thinking non-stop and it reminds me of a mix between E.T and Third Encounters or the homage between Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick in filmmaking perspective.

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