Bennesbeh La Bokra Chou? [1978]

Watching Ziad El R78dab540cd1bedefe74c9e8d48bb5e4aahbani’s “Bennesbeh La Bokra Chou?” for the very first time in Beirut was a joy, I daresay a privilege. A play that many people talk about with affection and even passion can finally be seen on the big screen starting January 21 and you can’t possibly miss that. Asked what it was like to experience it on a big screen after years of listening to it on a CD, my dad replied: “It was beautiful”. And indeed it was. Performed in 1978, “Bennesbeh La Bokra Chou?” remains potent and entertaining, even after all these years. It’s also a showcase for a host of gifted Lebanese actors, from Ziad El Rahbani himself (who also wrote the play) to the late Joseph Saker, who performed some of Lebanon’s most memorable and nostalgic songs. Kudos to M Media for working hard on restoring the long lost footage. The result is nothing short of a triumph. The early “buzz” for the big screen release of “Bennesbeh La Bokra Chou?” is not misplaced; it’s a terrific film and a must-see.

Categories: comedy, The 70's

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