Bridge Of Spies [2015] ★★★½

 Bridge of Spies Launch One SheetSteven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies” is one of the year’s finest movies: a well crafted, extremely well acted Cold War drama that kept me on the edge of my seat for over 2 hours. Working from a script written by Matt Charman, Ethan and Joel Coen, Spielberg focuses on James Donovan (an amazing Tom Hanks), an insurance lawyer who is recruited to serve his country by negotiating the release of pilot Francis Gary Powers (Austin Stowell), who was captured by the Russians. The way to do it is to exchange Powers for Colonel Rudolf Abel (a brilliant Mark Rylance), a British-born Russian spy working undercover in Brooklyn. The film moves like a thriller, and a tremendously exciting one, as Donovan finds himself facing many obstacles in order to achieve his mission. The film is also a tour de force for Hanks, whose innate likability and everyman qualities make him an ideal hero (think James Stewart in the 1939 classic “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”). What’s more, Spielberg has injected the character with a sense of humor, which is especially welcome in this tense setting. Everything about the movie seems organic, from Adam Stockhausen’s production design to Janusz Kaminski’s cinematography. “Bridge of Spies” is a first rate spy thriller and Spielberg’s most ambitious film in years. You can’t possibly miss that.

Rating: 3.5/4

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