Burnt [2015] ★½

 burnt_poster2_final2As a sucker for food movies, I thought “Burnt” was tasteless; a mess of a movie that deserves no stars on the Michelin scale. Director John Wells and his writer Stephen Knight (“Locke”) should have known better. Instead, they got all the ingredients wrong, starting with Bradley Cooper who is painfully annoying as an American chef who made his name in Paris before drugs ruined his career. Years later, he moves to London for a comeback and a chance to achieve his goal: lead a restaurant that earns the ultimate three Michelin stars. The film offers few- make that no- surprises whatsoever. What almost saves it is the food itself. But unlike last year’s underrated “Chef” or “The Hundred Foot Journey“, “Burnt” ranks as a misfire.

Rating: 1.5/4

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