Irrational Man [2015] ★★★

Irrational-Man-onesheet-560x830It’s difficult to dislike Woody Allen’s latest movie. It isn’t one of his best, and I’ll admit it doesn’t feel as fresh or original as “Crimes and Misdemeanors” or even “Match Point”, but it has all the right ingredients to make you fall for it. The great Joaquin Phoenix is well cast as Abe Lucas, an educator who hates himself for leaving real-world activism in Darfur and New Orleans to teach a summer course in Rhode Island. Abe is also unable to find any meaning or joy in life. Soon enough he gets involved with two women: Rita Richards, a lonely professor who wants him to rescue her from her unhappy marriage; and Jill Pollard (Emma Stone), his best student, who becomes a close friend. To avoid spoilers, I’ll say no more. True Allenphiles, however, will have no trouble recognizing the many themes that coursed through a lot of his films, mainly “Match Point”. Some might even say that Allen can’t write original themes anymore. No matter. The casting, as usual, is impeccable. Phoenix is at his best, and Stone is just as believable. If you admire these actors, and love Woody Allen movies as much as I do, I think you’ll find “Irrational Man” entertaining. 

Rating: 3/4

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