Tracers [2015] ★

tracersFun fact: Taylor Lautner can’t act. Not in “Twilight”. Not in “Abduction”. And definitely not in “Tracers”, his latest action misfire. Lautner plays Cam, a New York bicycle messenger that had me remembering Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s underrated “Premium Rush”. Anyway, Cam is also in debt. So he quickly joins a group of urban free-runners or “tracers” who use their skills to pull off heists. There’s also a girl… oh, why go on? “Tracers” quickly degenerates into dreary setups for routine action scenes that signify nothing. There’s a lot of running around while Lautner pretends he’s in a better movie, and director Daniel Benmayor edits frantically to compensate for the lack of anything really happening. You guys are not fooling anyone. “Tracers” sucks so bad, you feel the urge to walk out and ask for a refund. Do it.


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