Project Almanac [2015] ★★

project_almanac_xlgYour head will spin for all the wrong reasons while watching “Project Almanac”, the latest found-footage gimmick (yes I’m calling it a gimmick), about a group of teenagers who build a time machine and seize the opportunity to go back and fix their past mistakes while having a bit of fun along the way (hint: they win the lottery). Sounds like fun? Perhaps. And there’s nothing terribly wrong with the movie, it’s just that it rarely rises to its potential and feels like it weighs a ton. Worse, there are plot holes galore here, and the finale just doesn’t make sense. If you’re into time travelling movies, I suggest you dump “Project Almanac” and watch the 1960 classic “The Time Machine”instead. As for future “found-footage” movies, I offer this piece of advice: Stop. Making. Them.

Rating: 2/4

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