The Boy Next Door [2015] ★

the-boy-next-door-posterAin’t it funny when someone like Jennifer Lopez tries to give her acting career another shot when we all agreed that it ended back in 2003? In “The Boy Next Door”, she hits rock bottom (take that, “Gigli”), playing  a 40-something high school teacher who has a one night stand with the “boy” next door (played by a horrible Ryan Guzman who was actually 27 at the time). But when his crush turns to obsession…well you can probably guess what happens next. I’ll say no more, except that directors Neill Fearnley and Rob Cohen (yes, it took 2 people to direct this turd) have no flair for suspense. Everything you need to know is in the trailer and yet the people behind the film are convinced that there’s more to it. Not a chance. The only people likely to get a kick out of “The Boy Next Door” are Johnny Depp and his director David Koepp. Finally there’s a movie as jaw-droppingly awful as their “Mortdecai“. At the screening I attended, 4 people walked out asking for their money back. And they say critics are harsh.


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