Tammy [2014] ★

tammyWhat can I say about a movie that made me want to walk out? “Tammy” is so lame and downright stupid that I hesitate to review it at all. It has none of the qualities of a good comedy, and it’s a long way from Melissa McCarthy’s Oscar-nominated “Bridesmaids”. In fact, I’d call this movie anything but a comedy. The premise involves a working class woman (McCarthy) who loses her job and her husband on the same day, then out of nowhere decides to take a road trip with her hard-drinking grandmother (Susan Sarandon, totally wasted). Think of it as “Thelma & Louise”, minus the fun. Among the movie’s built-in problems are the fact that McCarthy’s character is more pathetic than amusing, and Sarandon has far too much screen time for a character who shouldn’t be here in the first place. This dreary, lamebrain comedy takes everything that was fresh and original in McCarthy back in 2011 and beats it into the ground. Director Ben Falcone and his co-writer McCarthy herself are probably laughing all the way to the bank, but I had little reason to laugh as I suffered through this time-waster. Let’s hope we don’t see any of these characters again.


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  1. Someone had the serious pants on.
    I was expecting a bad movie due to the ratings. So I had low expectations.
    It was a stupid no-brainer movie that I laughed to.

    • On the contrary I enjoy silly comedies every now and then. I enjoyed Melissa McCarthy in “Identity Thief” and “The Heat”. But Tammy was just plain unfunny. But that’s just my two cents!

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