Son Of God [2014] ★½

son_of_god_xxlgIt’s difficult to review a movie like “Son Of God”. Some people may question my intentions, but I’m not here to start a religious debate. I’m here to review a film, and as a film “Son Of God” can only be described as a misfire. Writer/director Christopher Spencer creates a beautiful mess, an embarrassment of epic proportions. Why? Because the movie was edited from a 10 hour History Channel series called “The Bible”. The result is an unimaginative retelling of the story of Jesus, from his humble beginning to his arrest, trial, crucifixion and finally resurrection. You probably know the story by now. Unfortunately, the movie tests our patience by introducing an endless parade of half-baked ideas. The actors do their best, given a tedious script by Spencer. But like a cheap TV film, it never penetrates the thought process that made Jesus the way he was. If you know nothing at all about his story, I suppose “Son Of God” will serve as a barely-adequate introduction, but I would urge anyone with a bit of interest to check out the miniseries “Jesus Of Nazareth”.

P.S: To be clear once again, please note that the criticism is aimed at the production of the film and not the subject material. Just because a film has Biblical inspirations does not protect it from criticism as a film.

Rating: 1.5/4

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  1. i was watching the movie online i couldn’t believe that it is the same thing as the History Channel series.. i started watching it yesterday, and tonight i’m going to continue watching it.
    it’s not that good movie, but as you said, the actors are trying their best in it.

  2. I think you were generous giving it 1.5/4 rating! It’s an obvious flop.
    It was more like a badly performed re-enactment in a historical documentary… I wonder how people could stand watching the whole (original) series….
    Besides, for those who are familiar with the Gospel, will find too many inaccuracies…

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