Arthur Newman [2012] ★★½

Arthur-Newman-POSTERColin Firth and Emily Blunt play Americans in this weird little movie from director Dante Ariola. “Arthur Newman” tells the story of one Wallace Avery (Firth as good as always), a man tired of his own existence who plans to fake his own death in order to change his identity. His new name (yep you guessed it): Arthur Newman. Fate brings him together with a kleptomaniac with commitment issues (Blunt) and together they embark on a road trip. And that’s pretty much it. The movie doesn’t have much to offer except superior performances from the two stars who are both explosively good. If nothing else, “Arthur Newman” might come across as a pure acting experience and that’s a good thing, especially if you’re a fan of Firth and Blunt. And even though the movie doesn’t have a completely satisfying finale, it’s still a pleasant enough ride well worth taking.

Rating: 2.5/4

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