Hitchcock [2012] ★★★

Hitchcock-posterWhat do you say about a movie that introduces the master of suspense as you’ve never seen him before, proves once again that Helen Mirren is one of the finest actresses alive and launches a charm assault that is damn near irresistible? I say, see it. Director Sacha Gervasi has crafted a delightful movie about, of all things, the making of “Psycho”, Hitchcock’s timeless classic. The time is 1960, the place is Hollywood, and the master is preparing his next feature film, also his biggest risk at the time. Gervasi goes right at the exhilaration of it; you can practically breathe the air of the Paramount studio, leaving the grand gestures to Hitch. Anthony Hopkins doesn’t look or sound exactly like him, but he does a fine job and wins us over almost instantly. But it’s Mirren as Hitch’s wife Alma Reville who steals the show, showing the love and frustration she feels for her lifelong partner who is always obsessed with his leading ladies.The film brims with solid turns from actors playing actors, Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, Jessica Biel as Vera Miles and James D’Arcy as Anthony Perkins. But what makes the movie stick, besides Gervasi’s attention to detail, is the way Hopkins and Mirren handle the material like true professionals. Hopkins’ performance isn’t nearly as good as Mirren’s, of course, but it leaves its mark. Just like the movie. If you’re a true film buff, there’s no way you want to miss this one.

Rating: 3/4

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