Bait [2012] and Freelancers [2012] ★½

Bait: Another “horror” movie featuring lousy actors and sharks, except it’s an Australian production and the story is set in a supermarket following a freak tsunami (how original!). You know you’re in for trouble when you find yourself rooting for the shark. Don’t even think about it.

Rating: 1.5/4

Freelancers: You leave “Freelancers” wondering what the heck happened to one of the best actors of all time, Robert DeNiro. He stars alongside Curtis “50 cent” Jackson ( a well respected artist, but an awful actor) and Forest Whitaker in a movie that will bore you out of your mind. One of the worst of the year.


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  1. I “was” excited to watch it since I thought De Niro and Forest Whitaker would be interesting together… I’m actually shocked now especially when I see it in one post with “Bait” :S.
    I’m sure squeezing “50 cent” into the movie is what jinxed it.

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