The Bourne Legacy [2012] ★★★

I don’t know how a film this entertaining can be considered a flop by so many moviegoers. At first glance, it seemed almost impossible to make a fourth Bourne movie without its leading man Matt Damon or its director Paul Greengrass. Surprise. It’s not half bad. In fact, and despite its overlength, “The Bourne Legacy” is thunderously exciting and a lot of fun to watch. Director Tony Gilroy, who participated in writing the previous films, came up with a new character. The name’s Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), an operative who is genetically enhanced in mind and body as long as he takes a blue pill and a green pill. Renner, whose fine work in “The Hurt Locker” earned him an Oscar Nod, has finally achieved stardom. And starring in a Bourne movie is an excellent vehicle for his talents. He worked hard to make his character completely believable and it shows. But where “Legacy” fails is the scenes involving Edward Norton as CIA suit Eric Byer  who conspires to eliminate Aaron and all traces of the program that made him what he is. These scenes could have been easily trimmed in my opinion. With that aside, the rest of the film works perfectly well. From Renner’s introductory scene in Alaska, to his first meeting with Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz, as good as always), through an unbelievable chase scene; This is as good as it gets. Director Gilroy uses visual razzle-dazzle and superb second unit work on the streets of the Philippines to make this picture cool and action packed. That’s what sets this adrenaline-charged movie apart from so many brain-dead action films. I don’t think you’ll find any subtext or layers of meaning in “Legacy”, but I do think you’ll have a great time watching it, as I did. Just grab your popcorn and let the movie work you over.

Rating: 3/4

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  1. Well this one was a gd one! Jeremy Renner is always bad ass with a loaded gun and he fits the role perfectly! although i found the second bourne was the best (the bourne supremacy), the bourne saga continues to satisfy me with all it’s action that is carefully constructed with a strong story. I have to admit every time i watch bourne i can dig deeper into the whole conspiracy that you will always find it hard to understand ( the whole tredstone thing):P

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