The Twenty-First Century

The Devil Inside [2012]

We’ve seen it all before. Just last year, in fact, in “The Last Exorcism”. But hey, people watch horror movies all the time, so why not see the same movie with slightly cheaper production values? “The Last Exorcism” cost $ 2 million. This one cost $ 1 million, yet made $ 53 million. You see where I’m going. But is this really the best scare flick Hollywood could come up with? Seriously? Oh wait, “The Devil Inside” is another “found footage” kind of movie. So it’s all real. Yea right. It’s 2009, and we follow a twenty something woman who is searching for an exorcist who is willing to free her mother from a long-running demon possession. If you can’t fill in the rest of the plot, you haven’t seen “The Last Exorcism” or any movie at all. “The Devil Inside” is a terrible production with any hint of orginality sucked out of it. Have something pop out in the dark. Wait for a scream. Le’ts hear the devil’s voice. Then drag out the next surprise for an eternity. Repeat cycle. Fall asleep. But hey, I fully expected “The Devil Inside” to be box office gold, mainly because the public fell for its attractive marketing campaign. But just like its campaign, the movie is a scam, from start to finish. The ending? it sucks. OK, that’s it. Congrats to director Willam Brent Bell, for building tension since not a damn thing happens for 45 minutes. But the movie is barely worth one star, let alone 1 cent. As for future “found footage” followups, I offer this plea: Stop! Just stop!

Rating: 1.5/4

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  1. I’m sorry you had to go through that…from the bottom of my heart!
    I hate scary movies. they’re a waste of time!

    • Is this “The Neal”? Good to see you here! And yes most horror movies are crap these days. I like my horror old fashioned. The Woman In Black for instance.

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