The Twenty-First Century

Mirror Mirror [2012]

Have you noticed how many times Hollywood has ruined your favorite childhood stories? To me, this only compounds the offense. The stories that brightened my childhood with vivid imagination has been pummeled by such overblown productions as “The Cat In The Hat” and “Alice In Wonderland”. Now comes “Mirror Mirror”, a bright shiny film that flatters itself by pretending to be a fresh and funny update of the beloved “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Well suck on it Hollywood. “Mirror Mirror” thoroughly debases the genius of the brothers Grimm book, adding characters, twisting plot points, and replacing the original story’s charm with Hollywood frenzy. The setting is still the same however. And Julia Roberts does deliver the goods as the evil Queen who rules her kingdom with no mercy. Snow White (played by Lily Collins) now in exile, must join forces with seven rebel dwarfs to reclaim her throne and win her prince (a wasted Armie Hammer). Yawn. Tarsem Singh directs this preposterous movie by adding insult to inspiration. Which brings me to this: why was Julia Roberts involved in it in the first place? She might be the best thing about the film, but that’s not saying much. Another glaring problem plagues the picture: not one dwarf is likable. As far as I can remember, the seven dwarfs used to be funny and sweet. In “Mirror Mirror”, they are reduced to seven little annoying creatures. Ok, enough is enough. Dr. Seuss has already suffered a lot thanks to Hollywood adaptations. Now The Grimm brothers take one in the gut. And had they lived, I’m confident they would have puked as well. Awful, just awful!

Rating: 1.5/4

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