The Twenty-First Century

Jack And Jill [2011]

Adam Sandler gets a double Razzie award from me. 1- For playing his stupid self. 2- For playing his annoying twin sister Jill, who comes to her brother’s house for Thanksgiving. Jill is ugly too. I mean as a man, Sandler is Ok. But as a woman? I can’t even find the right words to describe what I witnessed. Jill’s soul is ugly too. And though shes says she just wants love from her family, her actions tell otherwise. But that’s not the message Sandler and his director want to convey. Hell I don’t even know what the message is. Love someone no matter how unappealing they may be? Are they kidding? It would be perfectly right to call “Jack and Jill” a one joke movie, because it is. Everything in this film misfires; We don’t care for Jack or any of the characters, and in the end, they want us to think that “Jack and Jill” is a message movie? Choke on it Adam Sandler. Worst of all is Al Pacino as himself,  who falls in love with the hideous Jill.  It’s amazing Pacino doesn’t choke on his dialogue. “No one must ever see this” he groans. If he is referring to the lousy movies he’s perpetrated in the last decade, he’s right. There’s one horrible scene where Jill has Mexican food and has to use the craphole. I can’t think of a better metaphor for the movie, which leaves a stink on  everyone associated with it. What’s Sandler up to next? Rob Schneider in drag? It can’t be worse than “Jack and Jill”, which is bad beyond belief.


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  1. Crappiest Movie of 2012 so far 😛 I couldn’t watch the whole thing, it was that bad. Sandler gave one of the most pathetic performances I have ever seen (’ve mentioned Rob I shut up :P)…100 Thumbs DOWN

  2. after the scent of a woman or let’s say Heat, Al pacino should have stopped playing all these stupid movies!! Same goes to Robert de niro! Why is all that happening??

  3. Adam Sandler’s work pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with the industry nowadays.
    The man’s movies get stupider and more forgettable every year, yet brain-dead audiences keep making sure they’re commercial successes… while masterpieces like Incendies barely manage to make back their budget.

    • Audiences rushed to see Jack and Jill, while great movies like Incendies don’t get much attention. Adam Sandler is just plain awful. Damn You Hollywood!

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